Which Wood is Best for My New Cabinets?

Choosing the best wood to use to construct your new cabinets impacts the usage, longevity, and even the appeal that you bring into the kitchen. There is no shortage of opinions in wood species to choose from for the cabinets. Each brings its own flair and benefits to the equation. It’s important to know more about the best wood species ahead of time so you choose correctly. Your cabinetry contractor tampa can be a big help in the selection process.

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Poplar, red oak, plywood, maple, and mahogany are the most popular wood species for kitchen cabinets. However, the exact species that you choose will vary considerably according to your preferences and budget of course. However, each of the styles has plenty for you to love so you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Hickory, maple, and beech are aesthetically appealing, affordable, and they’re resistant to scratching and denting compared to other wood species. The extra protection comes at a cost, however, so do expect to pay more for either of these wood species. Oak and ash and other soft woods are usually cheaper but they also lack the same amount of protection.

Cherry is popular for some homeowners. It is certainly trendy and an intricate grain that adds warmth and richness to the area. Cherry is considered to be a luxury wood, so it costs even more than the other options. If you do not mind the splurge, however, cherry is strong, resilient, and beautiful, on top of providing long-lasting value.

When all is said and done, the best wood species for your cabinets comes down to budget and personal preference. There are certainly many options to choose from, however, no matter what has caught your eye. With new cabinets in the kitchen, you’ll gain more space and more beauty, hands down.