Learn About Captive Insurance

There is something to be said about trying to find the right insurance company, and realizing they are all the same in so many ways. You may think that we are exaggerating, but the reality is that insurance companies have only one thing in mind: themselves. That is why you are going to find that when you are doing business with a regular insurance company, it is always you who is going to come up short. And while that may be okay when you are dealing with something like car insurance, you cannot take such risks with business insurance.

captive insurance companies

When it comes to the insurance for your company, you need the very best. And that is why captive insurance companies are the way to go. The reason why captive insurance is such a great option is because captive has completely redefined what it means to even have insurance in such a form. Why? And how? The reason why it is redefined is because so many companies were just unhappy with what they were getting out of insurers. They felt that while the policies were decent and the claims were handled okay, they were always being short changed in one way or another.

That is not the case with captive. Why? Because the companies that are getting the insurance are also part owners of the company. This is a completely new way of handling insurance. While the company is still its own entity that must make money and stay afloat, it is part owned by all the businesses that are buying insurance from it. And you could do the same. You could buy a share, and then you would have a valuable seat at the table. And you would know that even if your share is small, you are dealing with a company that puts the business interests of its clients first.